410 Main Street

Montandon, PA

(corner of 4th & Main, 1 mile east of the Lewisburg/Susquehanna bridge, on Route 45)


Worship Schedule

Until we can gather physically again, the parish will be coming together via Zoom & FB Live.

Rosary Devotions

6 pm Tuesdays (Zoom)

Morning Prayer

11 am Wednesdays (Zoom)

Social Gathering Hour

7 pm Thursdays (Zoom)


Stations of the Cross

5:30 pm Fridays (Zoom)

Holy Eucharist

10:15 am Sundays (FB Live)

We'll resume our regular schedule (below) as soon as possible.







Parish Activities Suspended


Catholic social teaching urges all Christians to work for the Common Good, the sum total of social conditions that maximize individual and group flourishing. It's clear that the coronavirus pandemic is a threat to both individual well-being and the Common Good. Health professionals tell us that it's essential to practice "social distancing" to inhibit its spread as best we can. Therefore it's our duty as Christians and as responsible citizens to do so.

I know that not receiving Eucharist during this two week period is a great spiritual hardship. But in this penitential season of Lent, perhaps temporarily suspending corporate worship for the sake of the Common Good is a Cross the Lord is asking us to bear. Perhaps it’s His way of drawing us to a deeper intimacy with Him by reminding us of just how much we yearn for His presence in the Eucharist.

Please know that I'm available to you during this fortnight, and that each of you remains in my prayers. Please continue to sustain one another in prayer and to find safe ways to be of service to others, inside and outside of the parish, who might be in distress.

Heavenly Father, whose precious Son came to give us life and well-being,

protect all those in peril from the coronavirus,

comfort and strengthen those afflicted by it,

inspire and enliven all those offering treatment,

and instill in us all courage, patience, and love.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

All ye Saints in heaven, pray for us.

In the name of the + Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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Parish Office



Mailing address

P.O. Box 120

Lewisburg PA  17837



(or type ancclewisburgpa



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FAQs About the ANCC


Holy Eucharist
Sundays, 10:15
1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays:
Silent Eucharistic Adoration
9:30-10 am
2nd & 4th Sundays:
Rosary Devotions
9:40-10 am
Tuesdays, 8 am
Wednesdays, noon
Fridays, noon
2nd Saturdays, 5 pm
1st & 3rd Sundays,
Nottingham Retirement Village
2:30 pm
Alternate Thursdays
1:30 pm
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
32 N. Front Street
(suspended during Lent; resumes 04/23)
6:30-7:30 pm
Rosary Prayer Group

March 2020 Parish Events Calendar

Winter-Spring 2019-20 Parish Events Calendar


Lent 2020 issue of "The Call,"

the online quarterly of the ANCC

The latest Holy Spirit Moment
with Fr. Kerry
"Patience in the Time of Pestilence"
All of Fr. Kerry's Holy Spirit Moments
video essays may be accessed

Vatican II:  A 5-Part Series

Part 5:  Into the Future

Part 1:  Fire Melts Ice

Part 2:  Worship & Revelation

Part 3:  Communion of Love

Part 4:  Christian Humanism

 Parish Mission Statement


As a parish of the American National Catholic Church, Holy Spirit aims to embody the zeal of the early Christian community in ways relevant to 21st century seekers.  With open hearts and minds, and in the spirit of Christ's inclusive compassion, we strive to cooperate in the building of God's kingdom by making disciples of all and transforming the world with love and peace.


about the ANCC


The American National Catholic Church (ANCC) is an independent, non-Roman Catholic community dedicated to making the world a more compassionate place.  We are firmly committed to the seven traditional sacraments, and follow the spirit of reform initiated in the Second Vatican Council.  We embrace a faith where all are welcomed and affirmed.​



our worship



The American National Catholic Church is devoted to being the hands and voice of Christ in the world today.  We are a people who embrace their Gospel calling to transform the world, build God's Kingdom, and make disciples of all people.

our parish



Legally incorporated as a church in 2009, the American National Catholic Church currently has thriving parishes and oratorios in Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington state, and Virginia.  












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