our worship


The American National Catholic Church uses the liturgical form of the Roman Missal 2nd edition (Paul VI's Novus Ordo), and not the Roman Missal 3rd edition, as revised by Rome in 2011.  The Novus Ordo, we believe, is more in keeping with the reform spirit of the Second Vatican Council.  Our liturgy is very similar to that used in the Roman and Anglican traditions.


As a community, we are committed to the rich tradition of universal Catholicism.  We embrace both Mary and Martha, contemplative as well as active ministries, seeing them as complementary rather than incompatible.  We strive to see God in the world around us - in the faces of our sisters and brothers, in nature, in art, in science, and in other faith traditions - as well as within the depths of our souls. 


If you're searching for a God Who stretches beyond what you were taught as a child; if you long for a spiritual community but have been wounded by institutional religion; if you feel rejected by Catholicism because you're divorced or LGBT; if you want to serve God in thought, word, and deed in companionship with others:  the ANCC may be the church you're looking for. 







Eucharist: The community gathers for Mass on Sundays, 10:15 am; Tuesdays, 8:00 am; Wednesdays & Fridays, noon.   All are welcome!  God doesn't play favorites, and neither do we at Holy Spirit.

Reconciliation: In addition to the general absolution offered at every Mass, Fr. Kerry is available to hear confession.  To request an appointment, please call the parish office.

Weddings: Contemporary Catholics are often searching for a non-judgmental, sacramental marriage experience. You may want to have a Catholic wedding but may not be permitted, for various reasons, by the Roman church. Holy Spirit, like all ANCC parishes, offers you an alternative. Those entering into second marriages, those experiencing religious differences with the church, and others, will find openness and acceptance here. We provide marriage services in a compassionate manner. Perhaps you have concerns about perceived barriers?  We treat you with the same care Christ gave to all who came to him. Please call the parish office to make arrangements.

Homebound: Fr. Kerry and/or parish lay ministers will happily bring Holy Communion to any who are sick or homebound. Please call the parish office to make arrangements.

Baptism: Arrangements may be made with Fr. Kerry. Please call the parish office to schedule the Baptism.

Anointing of the Sick: The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is offered as needed, both communally as well as in individual visits to homes or hospitals. Please call the parish office to notify Fr. Kerry.

Confirmation: Confirmation is celebrated every year during the Presiding Bishop's parish visit. If you are interested in being confirmed, please contact the parish office.


If you are in need of immediate assistance from a priest because of the death of a family member, or someone is in need of a priest because of an imminent death, or if there's some other emergency requiring a pastoral presence, please do not hesitate to contact our parish office and/or parsonage.